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Retirement Loan | Request in 5 Minutes


Financial planning has never been the strongest of Brazilians, and so what should be a period of rest and enjoyment – the dreamy retirement – is often hampered by an unexpected reduction in income.

It is not uncommon to find retirees working to rebalance their finances. However, the good news is that there is a much more interesting alternative. The retiree loan can be the help in times of financial problems during retirement.


Why apply for a loan for retiree?

Why apply for a loan for retiree?

Every Brazilian who works with a formal contract contributes monthly to Social Security in order to guarantee future retirement. Even those who are self-employed contribute through their tax regime.

However, it is necessary to consider the rules regarding the time of contribution and the income to determine the value that each will receive, which almost always leaves the retiree with a lower income than the one with which he was accustomed.

One alternative that many have sought is private pension. However, for those who are already of retirement age, this is not a viable option. A good solution for the retiree who has the tight finances, as we speak, is to resort to the loan for retiree .

We offer loan for retired unsecured , ie you do not need to submit any good to be approved in the online personal loan application. At the time of request, some data will be requested:

  • Personal data;
  • Cadastral;
  • Bank data.



With the above data, you do a loan simulation with just a few clicks and see if the installments fit in your pocket and if the amount of personal credit helps you financially.

On the main page , you can find our loan simulator. In it, you can enter the desired amount – from R $ 200 to R $ 3,000 – and the number of parcels in which you want to pay that amount to know the value of your installments and the interest that will be paid.

The simulator already returns the plot value automatically just below. When you find the ideal conditions, just click on “Request my loan”, enter the requested data and wait for the response.

The return will appear on the screen or it will arrive in the email informed during the request and can be:

  • Approved: Your order has been approved and all you have to do is wait for the money to fall into the bank account informed. Usually this happens in a matter of hours;
  • Rejected: Your request has not been approved and the reasons for this may vary. But do not worry, you can try again after some time. We are always updating our system to do the best analysis;
  • In verification: some information may have been inconsistent and we will contact you to verify the accuracy of the data registered on the site. You can track the status by entering your login on our site or by the application we make available for Android phones.