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The bank refused to give you a loan or a loan?

Only a dozen or so years ago, the only alternative to bank loans was the popular weekly with home service. Nowadays, we have much more alternative solutions when the bank refuses to grant us credit.

“He was not born yet so he would please everyone” – says the old Polish saying. Not one of us has already found out that banks are particularly picky. And the obstacle to a positive view of the customer’s credit standing is usually the lack of a contract of employment or regularity of earnings. What can you do when the bank refuses you a loan? There are many possibilities. Contrary to appearances, the money really lies on the street.

The bank refused a loan or a loan? See what alternatives you have!

The bank refused a loan or a loan? See what alternatives you have!

Social loans

Present on the Polish market since 2008 and enjoying unflagging popularity among investors. Therefore, if you are not indebted to the ears, there will surely be someone who will gladly lend you money for a good percentage, which you will negotiate by yourself. In this way, we can get even a cheaper loan than in a bank, especially in the situation of borrowing another social loan, so if we already have the status of a trusted customer.

Probably the best-known alternative when the bank refused a loan, for quick extra money in our pocket. If we do not have problems with the ability, they can actually reach our account in a few minutes. This is an ideal proposition for those people who are able to quickly pay off their liabilities, eg within 30 or 60 days. Interestingly, many companies providing such loans give you the opportunity to borrow the first loan completely for free. In this way, we can even borrow up to PLN 2,000 completely free of charge, provided that we repay the entire amount borrowed within a certain time. As a reminder, I will add that every month you can read the current weekly ranking on the blog .

Non-bank long-term loans

The long-term loans enjoyed by more and more popular clients operate on similar terms as bank loans, as they are also spread over monthly repayments. In some cases, however, the interest rate on such loans is higher than bank offers, especially in the case of repayment for a longer period. A lot of offers available to people whom the bank refused to credit is now online, thanks to which we do not even have to leave the house to obtain a loan. Most companies do not require the presentation of income statements and do not require a positive credit history at BIK, which I wrote about in a while and in the article.

A car loan
If, of course, he is not pledged. In this way, you have a chance of really big money on favorable terms and not the worst interest rate. Most importantly, you can extend the repayment period and you do not have to give away your car, all you need to do is present your vehicle registration document. You will be able to use the car in the same way you have used so far.

A leasing loan
This is something for those who run a business and would like to finance the purchase of fixed assets, for example machines, devices or vehicles. This offer may exceptionally be used by farmers who do not run a business. As you can see, leasing companies systematically expand their offer. For more on leasing, I had the opportunity to write in the yesterday’s article.